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Appreciating Small Things Is A Great Achievement

Sometimes,if not all times,things have to go left to go right.If you know you know.

What my charger taught me.It was frustrating at first,but now,after dislocating and returning it back,it's doing well.☺I know it may sound petty,but yes, I feel good.My own heroine☺.

Actually,I feel like it has made me a heroine.Small things can really make you happy and very proud of yourself.

The power of believing in yourself and letting things just work out.It's nice and great feeling too.If nobody ever makes you feel good about yourself, you can do that with small things in your daily life.

What has ever made you feel like a hero, yet it was so petty?

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Understanding Mid Adulthood

It reaches a point life, when we start noticing the dynamics in our lives.When we're at mid adult.Things change.We change.We grow.We start to see differences in life.

Often times, we want to change.We change our beliefs.We change our thinking.We change how we view life and things.

Some of us, if not all, want to make our lives better.We start taking steps in change.We make make decisions, big big decisions.
We get headaches trying to figure out  ways to make that possible.We go extra miles.Atimes they become a success.Well, others I don't know, things just don't go the way we plan and expect them to.

Hope.Hope comes in...and faith.Faith in what we believe.Each one of us have what they believe in.Whether it's a supreme being or in success.

When things don't seem to go how we want them to, we put our trust in hope and faith.We hope for things to get better.To change.
Some people even get to depression.They give up.They lose a sense a humour and interest.They fail to …

How do you know you're crushing on someone

I have had crushes in the past.This one in particular,kinda different.I recently met this guy whom I have a created a special kinda a bond.He's a good guy,so far.He's respectful maybe that's what makes me like him alot.

I feel this urge to talk to him,like Everytime.I feel good when he's around,and bored when he's not.
It makes me wonder if that's love or just a crush.He says he misses me.I pretend I don't miss him.The truth is,I do miss him.

What does it feel to really crush on someone?Not crushing because of physical looks,but characters.I like it though.

You know you have a  crush on someone,when they have some kinda special effects on you.Is it butterflies in the stomach?Or is it just they make you feel happy for no reason?

Dealing With Backstabbers

Some people's desire to be bearers of news,sometimes breaks trust and ruins relationships.Backstabbers are the gossiping friends.These are the people around us.People who want to be bearers of the news concerning us.They are people you work with.People you study with.They are the people you trust and go to church with.

They are poison.That ruins everything.You hate them for such a petty but sensitive thing.
People are not  afraid of risking years of friendship.They want to be seen as the first to know things.They want to show they can be trusted through sharing other  people's secret.

Know to whom you share your secrets with.It will save you stress and embarrassment.Get to know your true friends.Get to know that person who can afford to carry the weight of a secret, without having to share it with others.

How do you spot a backstabber? You may ask.Easy,they tell you about others' innermost secrets.Do you think they can keep yours?I don't think so.

Some people just don&…

How To Not Get Abused

Just at the moment when we're pondering how a young lady could commit suicide, just because she found out her boyfriend was cheatin on her, my escapades with men seems to be on the rise.How I wish she knew some of us have been left and cheated on, in worse if not worst situations.

So on this very day,I visit another male friend of mine, who has been asking me uncountable times to visit him.I had made up many excuses for not visiting him, but today I was free and bored, so I decided to visit him.Everything  was fine until when we started 'fighting'.
The guy,I'll call him Tim.Tim seems to be a nice guy and mature.He is a grown up man,even from his physical looks.Wait until you're left alone with him.He changes.You would think you are dealing with a beast.As I'm typing this,I have lost respect that I had for him.I despise him.

So Tim and I are in his house.He starts being touchy and I can't help but get angry at him.I ask him to relax and he hears none of it.H…

What Do Men Want From Women?

Sometimes I fail to understand men.Why is it that most of them wants to use others to create a name for themselves.

Recently,I visited a male friend of mine.I had not planned to but then I passed by to say hi to him.As expected he was surprised that I was there,unannounced.

I do not know exactly what they discuss with his neighbours who happens to be his friends.So,there I was,and his friends keep coming and out of his house.I did not like it a bit.

This behaviour irritated me, such
that I could not take it anymore.I do not know what they show each other when ladies visit them.Whatever they think is done beyond closed room.I could not help but wonder what they think about ladies.

Can't a lady just visit her male friend without those weird looks?Do I have to visit you and you create an impression to your friends, 'that another girl has just visited me.You know what to expect?'
C'mon boy,I just came to visit.Nothing much.
I do not know if this is a way of empowering your…

How To Fulfil Goals In Simple Ways

When your goals and dreams are too high,you want to utilize every moment of every day fruitfully.
These are the times sleep is no longer your best option.Staying in bed all day no longer feels comfortable for you.
These are the times you need to do what you have always wanted to do,to achieve your goals and live your dreams.
Whenever you feel psyched up,do what you gotta done rather than forcing yourself to sleep.Avoid postponing your plans and everything gonna fall in place.